Alternative therapies – Treat the mind, body & soul

Have you heard about alternative therapy and its benefits? A person is not just the body, but also the mind and the emotions. So, any illness could be due to disorder or disease of any of these three elements.

Alternative medicine or alternative therapy is a medical practice that aims at finding the root cause of the disease or disorder and heal it through natural and non-invasive methods. Using the right balance of the elements and building the connectivity of the mind, body, and spirit, these alternative therapies treat various ailments. The various forms of alternative therapies in health and medicine are described here.


Acupuncture is one of the most effective alternative therapies, which has its roots in China. This healing technique involves applying pressure on specific points on the body, which in turn stimulates the corresponding organs and helps bring about a balance of energy in the entire system. In the early times, needles made of bamboo were used for applying pressure. These days sterile stainless steel needles are used.


Biofeedback uses guided imagery, sound, and vibration to promote progressive muscle relaxation, focused breathing and improved mood. It is a proven healing method, Biofeedback is used to treat depression, anxiety, stress and improve sleep.


Hydrotherapy or Aquatic therapy is an exercise therapy within a specially heated pool. It eases low back pain, orthopaedic conditions, and other pain related to arthritis, sports injuries, and fibromyalgia.


This ancient medical practice involves the use of herbs and herbal extracts in treating various ailments. This ancient Indian medical practice is believed to have been practised by the sages.


Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary therapy that is used on the legs, hands, face and ears. The therapist applies pressure on a particular area of the feet. A message is sent to the nervous system and an overall relaxation sensation happens which helps enhance the function of the organs.

Alternative therapy is a natural healing medicine practice to treat many health ailments. Get the best alternative medicine or alternative therapy treatments at Jindal Naturecure. Contact us for details about our treatment.